“Welcome to our parish web site. We designed it to give you a snapshot of our church community and our life together as Armenian Orthodox Christians in Central Florida. I hope that you can join us in worship and also give me an opportunity to meet you and introduce you to our fine parish members.”

With Prayers and great love.

Rev. Fr. Paren Galstyan – Pastor

Realm Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2 

Soorp Haroutiun Armenian Church has upgraded our church record keeping to a cloud based solution called Realm that manages the over 1,600 names and Profiles that are associated with our church.  What does Realm do: 
  • It ensures the Church has your latest contact information – you go on line and update your information.
  • It allows you to make donations and set up payment plans and be assured that it appears in your Giving Statement.
  • It improves work life for our volunteers with a full church accounting system and reporting package that is connected to the other modules of information.
  • Dashboard of key metrics to ensure we have reached out to new guests, donors and those that have stopped coming (to assist where we can).
  • Stores Marriage and Baptism dates and information as a backup record keeping.
  • Allows Events such as a New Year’s Eve party to be managed and paid on line with a check in kiosk. 
With Realm, you’ll be able to connect with one another, keep your own information up to date, and manage your giving to the church all in one convenient place. Watch out for a separate email with a link to Realm and directly to your web page of information – click on the link and follow the instructions to sign up. Then go to your cell phone and download the app “REALM CONNECT”. Church donations can be done through your computer or mobile device.